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Bonus Programm

Collect our loyalty points and always save on your next purchases

Shop, collect bonus points and save on your next purchase, the bonus point system with which we would like to reward you for your purchase works as simply as that.

And it's that simple:

As a registered customer, you receive a certain number of bonus points when you buy our products. You receive one bonus point for every €10 you spend. Each bonus point corresponds to a monetary value of €0.50 (ie ~ 5% of the order value) in which the points were collected.The number of points is displayed in the shopping cart and will be credited to your account once the order has been completed.You can redeem the bonus points later in your new order. All or part of your points can be redeemed. You will receive a breakdown of your current points balance in every order confirmation.So you benefit twice over from your purchase.

Please note the following bonus point rules:

For every order you receive a bonus point for every 10 € purchase value. The exact amount of bonus points accumulated depends on the value of the goods you have ordered.The bonus points will be credited to your account after 7 days.You have the option to redeem your bonus points on the shopping cart page. These are then offset as a voucher and deducted from the new purchase price.

For example: You have accumulated 5 bonus points in previous orders and would now like to redeem them. With your 5 bonus points, you will receive a discount of €2.50 when redeemed in full. You can also accumulate points or redeem some of them so that you can later receive the products for free or at a heavily discounted price.This is how we would like to reward you for your loyalty to us!